Rubik’s cube packaging

Every year we send a 3-D mailer to our top applicants to encourage them to confirm their enrollment. One of our most effective 3-D concepts was a Rubik’s cube that students solved and shared on social media. This year we changed the packaging for the cube and I worked closely with a vendor to develop a cost-effective package to mail to students.

Search campaign mailer

My team was charged with developing a print piece as part of a larger campaign which targeted students at the top of the admissions funnel. Through this campaign, we wanted to show prospective students that they have the flexibility at Miami to chart their own course. Research on our audience (generation Z) indicated that retro/vintage trends resonated with them. This informed our approach in creating polaroid-style cards that still reflected the spirit of the university. We collaborated with our printer to determine that an iron-cross package would fit within our budget and still accomplish our goal of imitating a polaroid film box. 

This piece won a bronze Pride of CASE V Award ( Best Program Recruitment Publication, Individual).

Red Brick Roadshow cubes

The Red Brick Roadshow is an off-campus event created by admissions to give newly accepted students the opportunity to get to know more about Miami without leaving their hometown. I designed a set of portable 12”x12” cubes with campus scenes on each side to bring the Miami campus to the students in a trade show type venue.

Mockups DesignMockups Design

Mythology wine

Mythology wine was a personal exploration into packaging based on a project of two-dimensional icons. The icons were created by disassembling letterforms into pieces to create a unified visual language depicting a griffin, a hippogriff, and a phoenix. Using the style of the icons as a starting point, I designed and crafted three wine bottles with elements that visually interacted with one another to convey a single, cohesive design.